Soap Dispenser

Touch Australia continues to meet with us with product options such as hand and surface disinfectants, disinfectant dispensers, soap dispenser and disinfectant wipes. Since the company has been in the industry for many years, they provide highly experienced service. With the effect of the epidemic that shook the world, we met with many different brands about disinfectants. The most important feature that distinguishes this company from the others is the experience it has gained in the sector for years. With these experiences, we see that their products are used in many institutions by making agreements. When used with disinfectants dispensers, it provides the necessary hygiene at the maximum level. We come across the products of this brand in institutions that we visit during the day, such as shopping malls, cinemas, workplaces, site entrances, parks, children’s playgrounds, schools, hospitals, which have common areas of use.

The soap dispenser options, which are among the product options of the company, are on sale with contact or contactless options. Soap dispensers are compatible with the heads of disinfectant dispensers. For this reason, it is possible to use the device you bought as a soap dispenser or disinfectant dispenser. At the same time, there is no problem whether the soaps to be added into the soap dispenser device are foam or gel. It is suitable for use in both ways. It can be used with either spraying or foaming drip methods. If you want to examine the company’s products exactly, you can have the original products on the website and look at the details. You can order the product you like and want to buy on the website at the same time and request it to be delivered to your address. You can pay for the products you have purchased by making a single withdrawal or installment to your credit card on the website, or you can complete the payment in cash at your door by choosing the option of payment at the door.

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