Things You Didn’t Know Lifeguards Do

What Do The Lifeguards Do?

The work of the lifeguard is evident to everyone: they establish the security operation, flags, surveillance in towers or in dynamic walking on the beach, drowning prevention, assistance and first aid, lost children…

But there are other tasks besides the ones you all suppose, some may surprise you…

They Contribute To Scientific Studies

We collect daily data on jellyfish , water quality, RCP, accessibility , drowning, to later classify them and provide them to the entities that request collaboration.

Everything that happens on the beach is duly recorded, in this way we can later prepare reports , study habits, assess incidents… it is also prevention, knowing the places and situations in which accidents occur helps us find ways to prevent them.

They Contribute With Police 

One of our supervisors informs us that several users have complained in one of the towers, apparently an individual is photographing children, or perhaps someone stealing.

We immediately send the information and description as detailed as possible to 911, which transfers it to the police who take the corresponding measures, it is not the first time that thanks to that information a criminal is arrested.

They Are An Information Center On The Beach 

The bathers and users of the beaches and facilities where we work ask us for all kinds of information, some that has to do with our work, information on jellyfish, currents, state of the sea… but also other totally varied, from movie listings, going through a restaurant, shops, tourist information, transportation… even the requirements to be a lifeguard, where and what is studied…

They Carry Out Awareness Campaigns.

On beaches and pools, for children and adults, on the Environment , CPR workshops, knowledge of jellyfish, first aid, anti-smoking, healthy habits… topics of interest to the entire population.

They Provide The First Support To Relatives

When we have a serious accident on beaches or swimming pools, in addition to first aid to the victims, we provide first aid to family members, friends… As soon as our intervention is over, we request, if the situation requires it, professional psychological support.

They Collaborate With “The Weather Man”

We are the unofficial providers of information on water temperature, wind direction, weather forecast. Not only swimmers ask us about these questions, beach bars, hammock hangers, sailing schools and other beach services come to us to obtain this information.

They Also Work As “City Guards”

Controlling the traffic in the boat channel, many users do not know what the buoy is for, in which areas they should not swim because they are the passage of boats, jet skis. We also try to avoid accidents due to the improper use of surfers and kitesurfers, jet skis …

Also Animals…

Animals also give us work, not only when we have to warn of the prohibited presence of dogs, we also pick up some injured, seagulls, dolphins, rays… we try to protect them until the responsible professionals arrive and take care of them.

And Of Course… Especially Children

Sometimes we have an abnormal influx of children in swimming pools, parks and beaches , schools, leisure centers, children’s colonies… the number of children simultaneously increases considerably.

Normally the city council or the entity to which it corresponds warns us of this. We inform you of the lifeguard class schedules and ask you to limit your stay to those times. You can imagine that those days we reinforced surveillance and we are more vigilant than ever.

Not all services can provide the same additional tasks, nor is it necessary for some of them. Today we have told you some lifeguard tasks that may not be as obvious as those that we all have clear.

There is more, each stall, each facility, each beach has different characteristics and different needs.

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